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Gabi ng Cataning

posted May 12, 2011, 1:31 AM by Gemma Rose Loyola

In spite of the darkness that encircled the Plaza Mayor last February 12, 2011, the students and teachers of Cataning Elementary School dazzled that evening.

It was a showcase of talents. Hits of 1960’s up to the present were heard, along with the movement of feet and body by the pupils. Teachers did an ethnic dance that added to the excitement of the crowd, many were amazed by the oratorical speech given by Darry Bhoy Cabusao.

The night was even made beautiful by the foxy outfits worn by the participants, the make-up and crafty materials used.

The emcees that evening were Mrs. Jennifer J. De Jesus and Mrs. Maria Rosario P. Cubales.  Each presentation showed by each grade level was preceded by a backgrounder read by the emcees.

Gabi ng Cataning will not be a success without the support of the principal, Mrs. Amelia T. Inieto and the GPTA President, Mrs. Myla Escartin. The principal emphasized the importance of the event to the pupils and expressed her happiness for the cooperation given by the parents and teachers.  The program ended with the acknowledgements given by the GPTA President.- Gemma Rose D. Loyola