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posted Oct 2, 2012, 1:44 PM by Gemma Rose Loyola

Education is life and everyone is a Lifelong Learner. The multiple tasks and deep dedication to the pupils of a teacher, made him focus only on the daily grind of the classroom, sometimes forgetting that he himself is also a lifelong learner.

     Thus, the teachers of Cataning Elementary School turn gears and start take steps for self-assessment by reflecting on his own practices, capabilities and skills as a teacher.

    Cataning Elementary School, through the effort of the principal, Mrs. Amelia T. Inieto and, the chairman, Mrs. Gemma Rose D. Loyola conducted a SLAC session on Revisiting NCBTS-TSNA and IPPD last June 15, 2012, with the following objectives:

1.    To gather data on the needs of the teachers for their continuing training and development and

2.    To develop individual’s knowledge and skills in performing their functions effectively.

 The SLAC was begun by a prayer led by Mrs. Monica S. Nebre and followed by the singing of the national anthem and Dugong Balangueno by Mrs. Analiza G. Taguinod. The roll call was made hilarious by the Master Teacher of Grade 6, Mrs. Marlyn B. Gerio, which was enjoyed so much by everyone. Encouragement and fruitful advices from Mrs Amelia T. Inieto, motivated everyone to sit and give their full attention to the topics to be tackled.

 The chairman of the activity, Mrs. Gemma Rose D. Loyola explained the importance and purpose of NCBTS-TSNA, how the self-administration of TSNA tool is done and the utilization of TSNA results for the development of IPPDs.

 The last hours of the activity were consumed by everyone being busy answering the electronic self-assessment tool and creating their IPPDs.

 At the end of the day all teachers were able to submit the accomplished outputs. Certificates of participation were given to the teachers for attending the SLAC.- Gemma Rose D. Loyola