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posted Oct 6, 2012, 3:03 PM by Gemma Rose Loyola

The Accreditation Program for Public Elementary Schools (APPES) is an evaluation system to identify and improve school effectiveness and foster excellence to the school, division, region and national levels of the educational system.

             Through the collaborative efforts of the principal and teachers of Cataning Elementary School, an overall score of 57-63, equivalent to a “Good” rating was attained by Cataning Elementary School making it a Level 1 passer of APPES.

 With this, the hope of stepping up to level 2 is still a challenge to the principal and teachers.

 Through the efforts of the APPES Coordinator, Mrs. Gemma Rose D. Loyola, the school conducted a SLAC about Revisiting/Updating Records on APPES, last September11, 2012, with the following objectives:

1.         To help teachers be prepared for the next evaluation.

2.         To identify

a.         accomplished reports

b.         incomplete and disregarded reports

 The SLAC was begun by a prayer led by Mrs. Monica S. Nebre and followed by the singing of the national anthem and Dugong Balangueno by Mrs. Leni Gutierez. The roll call was made enjoyable by the Grade 1 teacher, Mrs. Mary Jane Martinez. She used “K to 12 songs”. Encouragement and fruitful advices from Mrs Amelia T. Inieto, motivated everyone to sit and give their full attention to the topics to be tackled.

 The chairman of the activity, Mrs. Gemma Rose D. Loyola explained the importance and purpose of APPES.

 Coordinators of the different components, discussed the reports to be accomplished. After each discussions, the participants are encouraged to ask questions for clarification. Coordinators gave their best to attend to all the questions given.

 At the end of the day all teachers are ready to accomplish their reports for the next evaluation. Certificates of participation were given to the teachers for attending the SLAC.- by Gemma Rose D. Loyola